In 1940, over a period of eight months, over 58,000 images of Kansas City structures were photographed and assembled as the 1940 Tax Assessment Photograph Collection.

After receiving the collection in 2011, The Kansas City Public Library digitized the folders, adding descriptions and location information to help the community locate, interact with and enjoy the photographs.

View buildings, homes, stores, shops, banks, schools and parks which, all together, convey a sense of what life was like in Kansas City at that time. Browse the collection, purchase images and contribute your own knowledge by adding location information through this site.

Finding a Specific Property

We do not have addresses for the majority of parcels, but finding a specific building is still easy..

1. Locate your district on the city map

2. Identify your block on the district map

3. Find your property on the block folder

You Might Recognize These Spots

Do you know the current address of a property?

Participate in this project by submitting missing addresses for individual parcels. Over time, we will continue to update and re-scan photos to provide as much detail as possible about specific properties.

Recently Identified

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