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District No. 30 South Platted Area Maps E & G-P, Jackson County, Missouri

Small detail maps of platted areas E and G through P in the southern section of of District 30 in Jackson County, Missouri. Maps illustrate block numbers, appraised values, and plat boundaries, as well as streets and railroads. Map E covers an area southeast of the 1940 Independence city limits, from 23rd Street to the area just south of Rankin and Red Roads, and from McCoy Street east to Hands Street. Map G covers a small area from roughly 23rd Street south to 27th Street, and from Kansas City's 1940 city limits east to Stark Avenue. Map H covers an area from 29th Street to just south of 38th Street, and from Skiles Avenue east to Booth and Stark Avenues. Map I covers an area adjacent to Blue Ridge Boulevard, south of 27th Street. Map J covers an area from 31st Street south to 39th Street, and from roughly Ashland Ridge Road east to Hardy Avenue. Map K covers an area from 39th Street to just south of 43rd Street, and from River Boulevard east to McCoy Avenue. Map L covers a small area from Albert Marty Road south to 37th Street, and from Sterling Road east to Norwood Avenue. Map M consists of two blocks, from 41st Street Drive south to 43rd Gilday Highway Street, and Arlington Avenue east to Home Avenue. Map N covers a small area adjacent to Raytown Road, east of Blue Ridge Cutoff. Map O consists of a plat south of 43rd Gilday Highway Street and southwest of Blue Ridge Road. Map P covers a small area northeast of the intersection of 51st Street and Crysler Avenue.

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