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District No. 20 North & South Platted Area Maps I & L-Q, Jackson County, Missouri

Small detail maps of platted areas I and L through Q of District 20 in Jackson County, Missouri. Maps illustrate block numbers, appraised values, and plat boundaries, as well as streets, waterways, and railroads. Map I covers the Holmes Park area from Bannister Road south to Gustin Road, and from roughly Oak Wood Drive east to Scott Road. Map L covers the Dallas area from 97th and 99th Streets south to roughly 105th Street, and from the blocks west of Jefferson Street east to the blocks east of Wornall Road. Map M covers a small area south of 103th Street/Voilland Road and east of Holmes Road. Map N covers the Hickman Mills area, from just north of Hickman Mills Road south to Hickman School Road, and from U.S. Highway 71 east to Ruskin Road. Map O covers an area adjacent to Lister Avenue at 114th Terrace. Map P covers an area from Red Bridge Road/Ridenour Road south to and inclusive of Glen Arbor Road, and from west of Glen Arbor Road east to Wornall Road. Map Q covers an area adjacent to the Kansas state line and Red Bridge Road, and west of Wornall Road.

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